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Civil and industrial designing
in constructions, automations,
electro, equipment
and engineering.

Designro Rm. Valcea

SC DESIGNRO SA was founded on 20th of November 2003 as a result of the externalization of the Design Department of the SC Oltchim SA, according to 26/1990 and 31/1990 laws.
The new society took over the entire activity of providing basic design, detailed engineering design and technical consultancy of existing Design Department of SC Oltchim SA since 1970.

The combination of tradition, experience and the latest technical news makes SC Designro SA to provide optimal and cost-effective solutions for: technical, functional and design situations, as well as for environmental protection and emergencies.

SC Designro SA has professional staff well trained in basic design, detailed engineering design, in use of design software for the specializations: engineering and chemical technology, chemical equipment, mechanics, welding, metallurgy, civil and industrial construction, plumbing, electrical, automation, cost estimate, economy/finance, etc.